We’re afraid to die yet want something to live for. That’s the unofficial lesson I learned growing up in a Christian family. Our prayers were always asking God for a long, meaningful yet safe life that ends with us entering heaven.

And of course, we gave thanks for how lucky we were to have food and shelter while alive, and we would pray for those living with less.

But when I told my family I was coming here [Nigeria], to do a little bit more than pray for those in need, they begged me not to go. They couldn’t understand…

You’re never going to hustle your way to social justice and reform.

My mission to save the world was fueled by the misguided idea of using the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house, not realizing the master owns too much property for any one person to demolish in one lifetime.

Paul the Apostle once said, “I had to feed you with milk, not with solid food because you weren’t ready for anything stronger.” Maybe it’s because I’m closer to my 40s than my 20s, or because I’m consuming more complex theories from authors like Friedrich Engels, Daniel Markovits, Angela…

It’s one of those labels we use without knowing what it actually means.

Have you ever wanted to be an alpha female? Did you ask yourself why?

I used to say it was because I wanted to be rich, dominate anything I pursued, or be the one always in control. Psychologists say these traits tend to describe the alpha male, and that women wear these traits when they’re in desperate situations (physically or mentally).

For example, they may want their boss to take them seriously. …

Genetically speaking, our brains weren’t built for hustle culture.

I’m reading this book called Work: A Deep History, From the Stone Age to The Age of Robots and it says that the basis of human evolution was finding the easiest way to eat and not die trying.

It was a “survival of the fittest” type shit.

“There are also many other species who, like us, seem to spend an awful lot of energy doing work that seems to serve no obvious purpose…” — James Suzman

Scientists also tell me that our ancestors had larger brains that eat up 20% of the energy our body produces on a daily basis, meaning we’d have to eat a lot more to think or do a lot more. Which was extremely inefficient.


I am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me. Now and then there are horrible fits of anxiety…or otherwise a feeling of emptiness and fatigue in the head…”

I didn’t think I’d relate so much with a 19th Century white man. That worries me.

Because if I end up like him, I’ll have to kill myself to build a multi-million-dollar brand.

Capitalism is the deadliest scam on Earth.

This is how capitalism works. You come up with an idea you must think is great. …

I’m a year into making money from my money and it feels GREAT.

After a decade of stress creating value for a company someone else built, I’m glad I finally get to experience what it’s like to do so for myself.

I’ll spare you the details of my specific personal journey (unless you want to watch me talk about it here). My main goal with this post is to give you a blueprint for a new strategy that’s guaranteed to get you an additional $48,000 USD annually if you do it right.

I’ll start by listing the five steps…

This is a transcript of a keynote address I gave on International Women’s Day 2021:

A little about myself…

My name is Seun Shokunbi, and I’m the Principal Consultant and Founder of Karfi, as well as its charitable arm The Karfi Foundation.

I have over a decade of experience as an educator, advocate for education reform, data analysis, and fundraising on behalf of civil society organizations and not-for-profit institutions both in the U.S. and Africa.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications from Fordham University. I also graduated magna cum laude from SOAS, University of London.

This time…

Here’s why.

I’ve been in the business of development — a.k.a. helping organizations raise funding — for 10 years now. It was success stories like securing over $5 million USD in just one year that pushed me to start my consulting firm, Karfi. Every person eager to build a startup or charity in Africa hoped to use me to reach their financial goals.

Obviously, I’m flattered. However, I soon realized that taking the money thrown at me immediately would do more harm than good.

Why would I turn away people so eager to pay me?

Many of you, respectfully, are…

If you haven’t tuned in before, the goal of my Investing Series on YouTube is to make investing and building wealth a realistic goal that anyone can achieve — no matter how much money you have right now.

And in my last video, I spoke about not leaving out people who feel they’re starting at the very bottom, who feel unmotivated to start.

I think that group includes teens and young adults.

If you’re a teenager growing up in a home where you see your parents working extra hard to make sure you have all that you need, or if…

Hint Hint: My YouTube channel is a start ;-).

In case you’ve never watched the channel or heard of it, CNBC is the cable news network devoted to finance, industry, and stock market news.

Primarily the news is focused on the U.S. stock market, but there are times when international markets are discussed, and there’s a ticker scroll at the bottom giving you information on business news around the world.

But THE MORE IMPORTANT point I want to bring up is THE WAY this news is covered on one of the most popular networks for this content.

Like most news networks, you can’t help but see the bias…

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